Can My Perkins Loan Be Cancelled For Full-Time Service As A Teacher?

perkins loans for teachers student loan debt

Yes! Perkins loans can be cancelled for full-time service as:

• A teacher in a designated elementary or secondary school serving students from low-income families;
• Special education teacher, including teaching children with disabilities at a public or non-profit elementary or secondary school;
• Qualified professional provider of early interventional services for the disabled;
• Teacher of math, science, foreign languages, bilingual education, or other fields designated as teacher shortage areas;
• Employees of public or non-profit child or family service agencies providing services to high risk children and their families from low-income communities;
• Nurse or medical technician;
• Law enforcement or correctional officer;
• Staff member in the educational component of a head start program;
• Services in AmeriCorp or Peace Corp volunteer, and service in the Armed Forces up to 50% in areas of hostilities or imminent danger.

Are you a teacher that has Perkins student loan problems?

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