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Is Your Student Loan Debt Making It Impossible Getting Engaged Or Married?

At the Student Loan Relief Center we see decisions about marriage and having a family delayed by outstanding student loan debt. One reader, “Not My Debt” asked Advice Columnist, Carolyn Hax, advice because her married student loan debt attorneyfiance was finishing his Master’s Degree and “would be graduating with $200,000 in student debt.” They haven’t talked seriously about his massive debt and while they eventually wanted to get married and have kids, she simply couldn’t see this being a possibility with that kind of debt. She was even thinking about breaking up with him and asked what she should do.

What Ms. Hax should have said

Unfortunately, Ms. Hax couldn’t give her any practical advice about addressing student loans. “Not My Debt” should get a free no obligation copy of our book, “Student Loans – What They Didn’t Tell You!” to learn about the Income-Based Repayment solutions that would be available to her fiance and would allow her to have the marriage, kids and to travel comfortably.

What you should do if you are delaying an engagement or marriage because of student loans

You can learn what’s right for you by contacting Tampa Bay student loan attorney, Nancy Cavey, who can help you with your student loan issues regardless of where you live in the United States.

She can meet with you and discuss student loan Income-Based Repayment solutions, and other debt relief strategies, that can make the repayment of your college debt easier and help you regain a stable financial footing. Contact her today at 727-828-9955.