Is Your College Loan Debt Delaying Your Retirement?

Retirement student loan debt

Are you over 50 and still paying student loans? I’m sure when you graduated from college you never thought that you would still paying for your loans in your 50’s. According to a June 2002 report by Barclays, 15.5% of the outstanding student loan balances are held by borrowers age 50 to 59 and 16.9% of that is past due.

What is the solution?

Don’t let your student loan debt delay or destroy your dreams of retirement. There are income based and income contingent repayment plans that will help you get a handle on your student loan debt. If you are disabled and unable to work, you may qualify for student loan discharge wiping away all of your outstanding student loan debt.

Knowledge is power

You can learn more about student loan solutions that can make your retirement a reality. Contact student loan attorney Nancy Cavey and order your free guide today from us by clicking here.

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