Florida Law Makers Propose Rules To Protect Students At For Profit Schools

For Profit Schools Student Debt

Did you know that for profit schools enroll nearly 1 in 5 college students in Florida.  That’s close to 30,000 students. Yet, as a student loan lawyer, I know that for profit schools take advantage of students.

Florida’s For Profit Oversight Agency Fails In Its Job

Did you know that Florida has a for profit college oversight agency called the Commission for Independent Education. It has a student protection unit that is supposed to help students hurt by school closures by paying them to finish their training elsewhere.

Unfortunately, it is only applicable to for profit colleges that offer certification programs.  So colleges that offer AA or BA degrees aren’t eligible. As a result, 2,000 students lost out when the Dade Medical College closed. They are now thousands of dollars in debt. Worse yet their credits won’t transfer to traditional colleges. This is another example of our Florida Legislature and the Commission for Independent Education failing to protect students.

Why It’s Not Likely That We’ll See Relief?

Let’s face it, it’s all about politics! Two Florida House lawmakers who chair important education related committees have been selected as “Legislators of the Year”, by the for profit college industry.

Ernest Perez, Dade Medical Owner, recently pleaded guilty to bundling more than $159,000.00 in campaign contributions to a CIE Board Member.

The CIE has routinely dismissed student complaints against colleges like Dade Medical. Are you surprised? The oversight agencies have a financial interest in allowing this abuse to occur!

What Student Loan Resolution Center Thinks Should Happen Immediately

One of the things we at the Student Loan Law Resolution Center would love to see is a law that would prohibits any member of the Commission for Independent Education to take any political contributions and prevent board members who have been employed as for profit college executives from becoming a member of the Board. No less then 4 of the 7 board members are former non-profit college executives.

It’s unlikely that Florida college students will see any significant relief anytime soon so long as the foxes are watching the hen house.

Need Help With a For Profit Student Loan Issue?

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Source: Tampa Bay Times – 12/1/15 Article Michael Vasquesz, Miami Herald

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