What You Need To Know About Stafford Loan Cancellation

If you’ve taken out a Stafford loan to help pay for your education, all or part of it may be cancelled if:

• The school you attended closed within 90 days of your enrollment and you were unable to finish your program of study; or

• Your school did not properly qualify your status before you began studies; or

• Your signature on loans was forged; or

• The school did not properly evaluate your ability to benefit from the course work before allowing you to begin studies; or

• You become totally and permanently disabled; or

• You or your dependent or the dependent from whom the loan was borrowed dies.

Federal Student Stafford Loan Forgiveness isn’t available if your school did the following:

• Provided you with poor training, had unqualified instructors or inadequate equipment; or

• Did not provide job placement or other services as promised; or

• Engaged in fraudulent activities other than falsely certifying your loan.

Solutions to your Stafford Loan debt

It is difficult to discharge a federal Stafford loan! Generally, you just can’t make your student loan go away. However, there are exciting student loan repayment solutions based on your income including Income Based Repayment Plans and PAYE.

How do I learn more about the repayment options for the Stafford loan?

Your can contact Stafford Federal Student Loan attorney Nancy Cavey who can help determine whether your Stafford loan can be discharged or, alternatively, you can be placed in an affordable student repayment loan program based on your income who serves all over the Tampa Bay area serving stafford loan debt.

You can learn how you can provide yourself and your family with a fresh financial start by having reasonable and affordable student loan payments.

Student Loan attorney Nancy Cavey located in Tampa St. Petersburg can help you with your student loan issues no matter where you live in the United States.

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