What We Do

Here at My Student Loan Attorney, associated with the Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, we help you with your student loan situation. We are the Student Loan Law Resolution Center!

Many Americans who attend college or professional school simply do not have the money to pay back their student loans. The economy has taken a nose dive and, despite the recovery, not much has changed for our clients. The great paying job you thought would be waiting for you have disappeared or, worse yet, doesn’t pay enough for you to pay your bills, much less your student loans. Paying back student loans can be tough regardless of your age or when you attended college. Student loan debt derails everyone’s future. Is this you?

Getting behind or even defaulting on your student loans may have disastrous financial consequences that can haunt you for years. Unpaid student loans can:

1. Appear on your credit report,

2. Result in calls from student loan debt collectors harassing you and your family day and night,

3. Be legally garnished from your pay, seized from your income tax refund, and deducted from Social Security benefits,

4. Limit your future job options,

5. Handicap your ability to get a car or house loan,

6. Delay your plans to get married, have children, and even retire,

7. Destroy your parent’s retirement plans if they incurred debt to fund your education,

8. Impact your ability to pay for your children’s education, and

9. Keep you from retiring when and how you want.

What Should You Do?

The solution to your student loan problems starts with information about the types and status of your student loan debt. Please give us a call at 727-828-9955 to start the process and get information about your situation.