Wage Garnishment

Are your wages getting garnished because of your student loan debt? This can happen if you do not pay your student loans! What most people do not know if that your student loans can impact your earnings, and to make sure this does not happen to you if you are in student loan trouble, you must have the knowledge of a student loan lawyer who can help.

Unfortunately, the income that many student loan borrowers earn isn’t keeping pace with their student loan payments.  Some are even falling behind and are being threatened with the garnishment of their wages which is known as administrative wage garnishment.

Some of the things people who experience wage garnishment from their student loans must know:

Automatic. Must give 15 days notice to last reported address. 15% to 25% if multiple loans.

Requires a “hearing” by paperwork or phone.  Defense is unemployment or economic hardship. Decision 60 days. Use time to get out of default by using rehabilitations or forced consolidation.

Need Help If You Wages Are Being Garnished Due To Student Loans:

Call us today to schedule a review of your student loan debt to see if you qualify for an income based repayment plan to help you out of your situation. We have helped people just like you!